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- Poor NZ open road quality causes 64% more crash costs/km than Australia
- Is this the end of traffic lights?
- Rip Them Out - Traffic Lights harm road safety
- Humour - a speeding advt never shown! (660KB)
- Far North District - Speed Doesn't Rate as Safety Issue
- New Minister to Review Speeding Fines
- Police radar evidence required for conviction
- Police Ignore Emergency Calls - prefer issuing speeding tickets
- LTSA - an enemy slain, but what next?
- Police caused 380 crashes
- Police Thuggery Hits the Road
- Our Comments
- Our Wish List: the way forward
- Leeming's classic book: Road Accidents
- George Hawkins: Ministering Police
- Frank Haden: Sliced and Diced

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About Us A slave is one who waits for someone else to free him

Fast And Safe is:

  • dedicated to exposing and refuting misleading, scaremongering and factually incorrect propaganda from the road safety bureaucratic/industrial complex.
  • supportive of real progress in road transport and travel – namely concurrent improvements in speed, safety, cost and flexibility for all road users.
  • based in New Zealand and focused on presenting New Zealand data and information but linked to like-minded organizations and useful information sources around the world.
  • totally independent of any other commercial, political, religious or ideological organization.

People - 
Founding members:

Alan Wilkinson, PhD, BSc(Hons).
Currently a director of several private companies and investor. Previously a research scientist, university senior lecturer, computer software programmer and consultant, and founding partner in Marshal Software Ltd.

Simon Gardiner, BSc.
Currently a director of two information technology/software development companies. Previously a general manager, I.T consultant, business analyst and software programmer.

Nicholas Cooper,  BHB,  MBChB (Auckland) FRZCG,  BE (Elec & Electronic (Canterbury)), NZCE Telecoms
General Practitioner 49 yrs old

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